2011-11-04 – No Border Fest, Grundbulten, Stockholm

October 28th, 2011

Dog Off A Cliff plays at No Border Fest, Grundbulten, Stockholm 2011-11-04

Hi all.

We are glad to announce that we are performing again.

Please come to the Grundbulten club, Ranhammarsv. 5, Ulvsunda Industriområde in Stockholm

on Friday, November 4th.

The party starts at 8 p.m., but we’re going to play later.


Due to the security reason, you should be at least 18 y.o. and register before you go to the party.

To register, please send email with your name and date of birth to the medlem.grundbulten@gmail.com


This event on Facebook.





2011-04-23 – klubas MUSĖ, Vilnius

April 19th, 2011

Dog Off A Cliff plays at Club Muse in Vilnius 2011-04-23

Great news everyone!

We’re going to play in Vilnius again!

The only concert takes place

on Saturday, April 23rd at 21:00
klubas MUSĖ,
Jakšto g. 9, Vilnius
Entrance: 10 Lt

It’s going to be a lot of fun!

See you there!

P.S. Thanks to our friend Marina who despite everything helping us out with this concert
and thanks to the guys from hardcore.lt

Oh Shnap

April 3rd, 2011

Hello mans, fans, pals and gals,

Last night’s gig was special. Why? Because everybody in the place lost some of their hearing….sorry about that. But hey, you’ll never forget us now, right? The band that gave you permanent ear damage.

But seriously, folks, let’s put the jokes aside. It was tons of fun for us and the crowd. Thanks for being there and making us play harder than we’ve ever played. We’ll post pictures or video or whatever comes our way in the next few days.

See ya, Mia


2011-04-02 Copperfield’s

March 27th, 2011

Guezz what. We have ourselves a show coming up. I can’t tell you too much, because I wouldn’t want to take the fun away from Johan to describe this event. But I will tell you that despite the name of the place (Copperfield’s), this show will in no way involve magic. Too bad. More info to follow…..check back soon, all you loyal fans, you.

Later, gator



The show will take place April 2nd at Copperfields, St.Eriksgatan 36, t-bana Fridhemsplan. Get the directions.

It starts at 8 pm.

There will be us and some other bands. We don’t know yet exact time when we play.

We’re going to play some new material that might be a bit more punkish, but we promise to keep energy high and make the show fun and exciting.

Hoping to see you there.



Second Ever Interview/Happy Spring

March 21st, 2011


I guess we were so interesting in our first interview that the world thought there was more to uncover (there is, but you won’t get it that easily). We were invited back for round 2. Actually, it wasn’t really an interview….we were just there to talk and add content, but you’ll probably get a laugh out of it, at the least. At the most, you’ll fall madly in love with one of us, probably me (Lane). Too bad some of the best content was cut out of it, including my Johnny Carson impersonation, and a massage given by Johan. Guess you’ll have to look forward to that stuff on the deleted scenes section of the DVD.

Oh, and this time it’s only 15 minutes…a bit more tolerable.




Bye, guy